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جشن مهرگان 1400 به همت شرکت بارشیک و همکاری بنیاد صلح

جهانی.Mehregan Festival by Barshik Company & Hooshmand World Peace Foundation


Mehregān (Persian: مهرگان‎ or Jašn-e Mehr جشن مهر Mithra Festival) is a Zoroastrian and Persian festival  celebrated to honor the yazata Mithra (Persian: Mehr‎), which is responsible for friendship, affection and love. It is also widely referred to as the Persian Festival of Autumn


Mehrgan is one of the greatest and most ancient national festivities of Iranian people, observed on October 7, to denote the beginning of autumn. It is an occasion to celebrate love, light and fidelity and Iranians have observed it for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, by the advent of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, all secular and popular festivities were banned and they were not allowed to be observed in public places. Nevertheless, and as far as it is possible, Iranians celebrate the occasion, far more expanded than the pre-revolution times. Outside Iran, millions of Iranians observe it vastly with enthusiasm and perseverance.

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